template vault

scripting TEMPLATE

Here’s my scripting template from the video: How to Create a Whiteboard Animation in One Day. Watch the video to understand how I use it. Click here for the Outline Template from my “How I Created a Class in 2 Weeks” Video.

journaling template

Here’s my journaling template mentioned in the video: 7 Years of Journaling – What I’ve Learned. Watch the video to understand how I personally use the template and modify it quickly. Once again, I hope you find it helpful and it’d be great if you could like and share the video!

piano sheet music

Here are the Sheets for my 5 Styles Arrangement. If that’s too hard, try my simple arrangement of Flower Dance by DJ Okawari: (Link to Sheets). You can also check out my video performance of this sheet music. I hope you find the sheets helpful. Considering subscribing to my piano channel! 

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